Dryad Flutes

Torrey Pine Branch Flute in Gm

Due to the nature of how I work,  I am unable to accept orders for flutes.  My creative vision is to ask the dryad, the spirit of the tree, how (s)he would make the flute, if (s)he could.  This invitation to value and prioritize the natural community, listening to its ongoing inspiration and teachings, is very important to me -- from the gathering of the branch, through the flute making process in my shop and in how the completed branch flute is made available to the public.  

 When a flute is completed, I'll take detailed photos and record a video sound sample to offer up on a sales page. This is similar to how many artists present their work on the walls of galleries.  If someone is then inspired by my art and wants to adopt an available branch flute,
that flute has found a home.  

My flutes are traded either through PayPal, with a set price,
first come first served, or through the auction process on eBay. The set price may seem at the high end of the scale.  This is due to the difficulty of the solid bore method I use, and the time, care and attention required in making concert/recording quality flutes from one-of-a-kind tree branches.  One at a time.  I cannot visit the lumber store to simply purchase my wood.  And I cannot and will not mass produce/market my flutes.  They are intended as individual works of healing art, made sustainably and in good relationship with this beautiful, living planet we all share.  

If this way of working and trading is acceptable to you, I'll be happy to include you in email notifications when a completed flute is available for adoption.  Due to the care and attention I give to each branch flute I make, and  my need to make these flutes in harmony and balance with my life, I am only able to complete about one flute a month.  If that!  To receive notifications of these available flutes, please subscribe below. 
Your interest is very much appreciated!
Jon Sherman

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