English Walnut Branch Flute in high C

English Walnut branch flute
right side view
English Walnut branch flute

left side view

Measuring 15 3/4" in length, the bark has been left on this 6 holed unsplit English Walnut branch flute.  Crushed malachite stone
has been inlaid into the bark crevices on the right side of the flute creating an impression of green lichen, while real green lichen
is preserved in the crevises on the left side.
This flute is concert tuned and plays the minor pentatonic
modes 1 & 4, the Gypsy Scale and three, in tune upper octave notes. 
American bison lacing holds the bird to the nest. 

Price includes tax and shipping cost,
a nice fleece drawstring flute bag
amd a "How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet

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