Torrey Pine Branch Flute in Gm

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photo of Torrey Pine from Torrey Pines State Reserve by Sabine Kurz 
(Photo of Torrey Pine from Torrey Pines State Reserve by Sabine Kurz-Sherman)
My wife, Sabine, and I are blessed to live just a few miles from one of the wildest stretches of land left on the Southern California coast ~ the 2,000 acre Torrey Pines State Reserve.  Home to what is considered the rarest Pine in the United States, it offers magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean from trails that wind through rare Coastal Sage Scrub habitat down and around sandstone cliffs to the beautiful beach below.  As an endangered species, Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana) grows in the wild only in this location of San Diego County and on Santa Rosa Island.  It is also frequently grown in this bioregion as an ornamental tree for use in drought tolerant gardens and landscapes.  It was from a downed Torrey Pine tree in a private garden, not on the Reserve, that the branch for this flute was gathered ~ rescued from the jaws of the chipping machine to live on, continuing to bless the world with her spirit, beauty and song! 

This naturally beautiful Torrey Pine branch flute is sweetly and resonantly voiced to a concert/recording quality Gm pentatonic scale.  The bark has been left on, with its wonderful scaled texture.  Elk leather lacing secures the bird to its nest.  To help prevent wetout, the bird has been fitted with a cedar shoe and a drain hole, covered by the lacing, has been designed into the air chamber.   The magnificent Torrey Pine tree sings for all endangered or threatened life forms on this good Earth!

~ Jon Sherman

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