Red Ironbark Eucalyptus
Branch Flute in Bm
Sabine's Birthday Present from Jon

Click on video to hear sound sample of this flute:


  With her stable wood highly resistant to rot, Red Ironbark Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) makes excellent branch flutes. Voiced to a sweetly expressive, Bm pentatonic scale (A=440), she also has an amazing, in-tune upper octave range, and is capable of a heptatonic scale without half-holing, starting on the first hole up.  With some of her colorful bark left on this beautiful solid bore flute, she measures 19 1/2" in length, with the broken branch maintained at the foot end of the flute.  Crushed Jasper has been inlaid into her knots.  Deer lacing, adorned with Jasper and wood beads secures the bird to her nest.  To help prevent wetout, the bird has been fitted with a cedar shoe and a drain hole, covered by the lacing has been designed into the air chamber. The branch for this flute was gathered with respect and gratitude from a fallen tree felled by the wind and rain.  

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