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Abandoned olive grove from where this branch was gathered.

   Olive Branch Peace Flute in Fm
A symbol of peace since ancient times, the olive branch lends its spirit and cultural significance to this very special Peace Flute.  Measuring 21 1/4" in length, this beautiful solid bore, unsplit branch flute is clearly and resonantly tuned to a mid range Fm ( A=440 ) pentatonic scale, modes 1 & 4, playing three upper register notes. The bark has been artistically shaped, allowing its various colors and textures to express in contrast to the finely finished wood.  Knots and wood checks have been inlaid with green turquoise.  Elk leather lacing with green turquoise and olive wood beads from Bethlehem, secures the bird to its nest.  To help prevent wetout, the bird has been fitted with a cedar shoe, and a drain hole, covered by the lacing, has been designed into the air chamber.  The branch for this flute was gathered sustainably, with respect, gratitude and prayer, from an abandoned olive grove in California.



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