an unsplit Ginkgo branch flute
inlaid with Jade, 
tuned to the
scale in the key of F#maj

Click on the video to hear the sound sample for this flute,
the Chinese folk song "Jasmine Flower".

Ginkgo Branch Flute in F# maj                     Ginkgo Branch Flute in F# maj                          Ginkgo Branch Flute in F# maj                     


Considered a "living fossil", the Ginkgo biloba tree dates back 56 million years to the age of the dinosaurs.  About seven million years ago the glaciers pushed the Ginkgo out of the North American continent and Europe, but the species somehow survived in two small areas in the Zhejing province in eastern China, where it is now considered native.  So to honor the spirit of this magnificent, beautiful and very ancient tree species, this Ginkgo branch flute was named for the Chinese goddess of compassion "Guanyin" and tuned in the key of F# to the traditional major pentatonic scale of China, rather than to the standard minor pentatonic.  To demonstrate her voice, the Chinese folk song "Jasmine Flower" is played in the sound sample.

Measuring 20 1/2" in length, with a 15/16" diameter sound chamber, "Guanyin" has a warm, clear and spirit-filled voice, playing three upper octave notes.  She can also play the Western seven tone scale, without half-holing, as heard in the sound sample.  Also, in honor of the Asian origin of this tree species, all 16 knot holes, spiraling around the branch, have been inlaid with crushed Jade.  Jade-colored lacing with real Jade and brass beads holds the bird to the nest. 

To help prevent wet-out, the bird has been fitted with a redwood shoe, for its absorption qualities, and a drain hole, covered by the lacing, has been designed into the bottom of the air chamber.  The bark has been left on this unsplit branch flute, well sealed with a non-toxic finish to insure continued adherence to the wood.  



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