Camellia Branch Flute in A (A=432Hz)

Camellia Branch Flute in Verdi tuned A

Camellia Branch Flute in A = 432

Camellia Branch Flute in A = 432                           Camellia Branch Flute in A = 432                                Camellia Branch Flute in A = 432                             Camellia Branch Flute in A = 432                             

  Measuring 20 1/4" in length, with four tuning/directon holes, this unsplit Camellia branch flute, which grew at Descanso Gardens (home to North America's largest Camellia collection), has a beautiful, silky smooth finish to it, Camellia being a very hard wood.  So no beads were used on the deer lacing to possibly scratch or mar that finish.  It has a clear and soulful voice, tuned to Verdi A (A=432Hz) minor pentatonic scale   A few small knot holes have been  inlaid with crushed malachite.  To aid against wet-out (the build-up of breath condensation that can clog the windway of the flute) the bird has been fitted with a redwood heartwood shoe, for its absorbtion qualities, and a drainhole has been designed into the air chamber, kept covered by the deer lacing. 

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