English Walnut Branch Flute in F#

sound sample of this flute

English Walnut Branch Flute in F#
right side

English Walnut in F sharp with turquoise
left side

Most of the bark has been left on this 6 holed unsplit English Walnut branch flute, except where the sound chamber walls
thinned down at the tone holes, creating a nice contrast with the exposed and finely finished grain. The flute is concert tuned,
plays the pentatonic minor modes 1 & 4 as well as the Gypsy Scale.  Three in tune, upper octave notes are playable on this flute, G, A and B. 
Turquoise stone has been inlaid down the right side of the flute in the crevices of the bark, contributing color and an impression of
blue lichen growing on the shady side of the branch.  The left side and back of the flute retain their natural rough bark
with even a few small patches of green moss preserved.  American bison lacing with turquiose beads holds the bird to the nest. 
The flute measures 22 1/8" in length and the branch was gathered from a wild grove of English Walnut trees that grow along
San Marcos Creek in San Diego County, CA.

price includes tax and shipping cost,
"How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet
and a nice fleece, drawstring flute bag.