English Walnut Branch Flute in High F#

English Walnut High F# Branch Flute from Dryad Flutes

This unsplit English Walnut (Juglans regia) branch flute has been accurately tuned and sweetly voiced to a 6 holed High F# minor pentatonic scale, playing 3 upper octave notes.  Some of the bark has been left on, contrasting nicely with the finely finished wood grain.  Bark fissures and knot holes have been inlaid with crushed turquoise.  To aid against wet-out (the build-up of breath condensation that can clog the windway of the flute) the bird has been fitted with a redwood shoe, for its absorption qualities, and a drain hole has been designed into the air chamber.   Deer lacing with turquoise beads holds the bird to the nest.  The branch for this flute was sustainably gathered, with respect and gratitude, along San Marcos Creek, in San Diego County, California, amongst a wild grove of English Walnut trees.


English Walnut trees along San Marcos Creek where the branch for this flute was gathered.

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