Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F,
Verdi tuned (A=432)

sound sample of this flute

Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F

Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F from Dryad Flutes

Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F                    Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F                             Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F                                Arroyo Willow Branch Flute in F                             

   Bark is an essential aspect of any tree, protecting the delicate flow of life up and down the thin cambium layer that lies just under it.  A branch flute aught to honor and include that important aspect of the tree, if it can.  In this Arroyo Willow (Salix lasiolepis) unsplit branch flute, some of the bark has been left on, from the outer, grey colored bark to the coffee colored inner bark, transitioning to the exposed, finely finished grain of the wood.  Measuring 22 7/8" in length, with four tuning holes, it is Verdi tuned (A=432) to a clear and sweet mid-range F pentatonic scale, playing three upper octave notes.   A few small surface checks that accured during the kiln drying of the branch have been inlaid with turquoise, and  Elk lacing with turquoise and brass beads holds the bird to the nest.  The bird has been fitted with a redwood shoe and a drain hole, covered by the lacing, has been designed into the bottom of the ari chamber as aids against wetout.  The branch for this flute was gathered sustainably, with love, respect and gratitude, along San Marcos Creek, in San Diego County, CA, amongst a wild grove of Arroyo Willow trees.   California Indians found many uses for the wonderful willow tree, including bows, baskets, shelters, clothing, fish traps and medicines derived from salicin in the willow's bark, the original aspirin.

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