Ginkgo Branch Flute in F

Ginkgo Branch Flute in F right side view

right side

Ginkgo Branch Flute in F left side view

left side

The bark has been left on this 6 holed unsplit Ginkgo branch flute except at the knots which have been finely finished. This flute measures 22 3/4" in length and plays the minor pentatonic scale modes 1 & 4 as well as the gypsy scale.  American Bison lacing with bone and brass beads holds the bird to the nest.  The ginkgo branch that gave birth to this flute came from a tree that grows at the wonderful Descanso Gardens.

price includes tax, shipping and handling costs, a nice fleece, drawstring flute bag
and a "How To Play and Care for Your Dryad Flute" booklet.