Diamond Willow Forked Branch Harmony Drone High Dm

Diamond Willow Harmony Drone Branch flute in d

Diamond Willow Harmony Drone Branch flute in d

Diamond Willow Harmony Drone Branch flute in d                                         Diamond Willow Harmony Drone Branch Flute in d
front                                                                                                                   back

Finding the right forked branch to make a harmony drone is rare. And then to bore it out unpslit, in the Dryad Flute style and bring all the elements together, in tune, is a minor miracle.  But when it happens, what a joy to hold and play!  Something Pan himself might have used to charm a dryad!  This particular harmony drone was made from an Pacific Willow forked branch, the surface of which had been carved by the fungus that creates Diamond Willow.  Each "diamond" has been inlaid with crushed malachite.  Tuned to a high D minor pentatonic, it playes modes 1 & 4, the Gypsy scale and 3 upper octave notes.  Elk lacing with malachite and horn bone beads holds the bird to the nest.  Three corks, each topped with a malachite marble, serve to change the fundamental on the drone side, even during a song, as heard in the sound sample for this flute.  

price includes U.S. shipping cost,
"How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet,
  a fleece drawstring flute bag and a quality

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