English Walnut Branch Flute in E

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English Walnut Branch Flute in E
English Walnut Branch Flute in E


English Walnut Branch Flute in E

English Walnut Branch Flute in E

English Walnut trees along San Marcos Creek where the branch for this flute was gathered.

   Most of the bark has been left on this 6 hole, unsplit English Walnut (Juglans regia) branch flute, sanded smooth down to the underlayer, which has its own beautiful grain pattern distinct from the wood.  In other places, including the knots, the wood grain itself has been exposed, creating a nice contrast to the darker bark. The whole flute has been finely finished, with crushed malachite stone (more than the photos can show) inlaid into numerous bark crevices,a few worm carvings and at the center of every knot.  Measuring 23 1/4" in length and concert tuned to a mid range E minor pentatonic, modes 1 & 4, it plays 2 upper octave notes as well as the gypsy scale.  The tone holes are evenly spaced 1 1/4" apart with a diameter of 1/4".  Black elk leather lacing with malachite and hornbone beads holds the bird to the nest.  The branch for this flute was gathered from a wild grove of English Walnut trees that grow along San Marcos Creek, in San Marcos, CA.


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