Elderberry Branch Flute in high e

sound sample of this flute

Elderberry Branch Flute in e with turquoise

The bark has been left on this 6 holed unsplit Elderberry branch flute, except at the knots,
where the exposed grain has been finely finished.
  This concert tuned flute plays the high e
minor pentatonic modes 1 & 4
and is able to get 4, in tune upper octave notes.  Two green turquoise beads have been inlaid in the bird and flute.
American bison lacing with turquiose beads holds the bird to the nest.  The flute
measures 14 1/4" in length
and the branch was gathered, with permission, from a grove of Elderberry trees that grow along San Mateo Creek,
in southern California, one of America's most endangered rivers. 


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