Fremont Cottonwood Branch Flute in G#

minor pentatonic modes 1 & 4
*from Zion Canyon

sound sample of this flute



Measuring 19 3/4" in length, some of the bark has been left on this unsplit Fremont Cottonwood branch flute,
the exposed grain finely finished, a few knots inlaid with crushed turquoise.  Elk lacing
with turquoise and red horn bone beads holds the bird to the nest.  


price includes shipping cost,
"How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet
and a felt, drawstring flute bag.

* The branch used to make this flute was gathered during the 2008 Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival,

from a fallen Fremont Cottonwood tree that grew near the festival grounds in Zion Canyon, Utah.
Zoom in one level on this Google satellite map to see the fallen tree.

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