Dryad Flutes

Regarding Flute Orders

Due to the unique challenge of making unsplit, solid bore branch flutes and not knowing what species of tree or size and character of branch
might grace my life, or how a particular branch might want to be voiced and tuned, I can no longer accept flute orders or commissions.  When I was accepting orders, I just fell so far behind in completing them, attempting to fill requests for specific keys and tunings in a particular species of tree, within a given period of time, that the stress of trying to keep up negatively affected my health as well as the joy that had been inspiring my flute making.  So I returned to my original vision: asking how the spirit of the tree would make the flute, if it could.  And this consideration, this respect for the tree first, for the Earth first, remembering the importance of a deep and balanced relationship with the natural community, has brought me back home again to the peace and artistry of what is for me right livelihood.  

So your interest in Dryad Flutes is still greatly appreciated!  And I will be very happy to send out email notices to you when I've completed an available flute, along with photos and a video sound sample
of what it looks and sounds like.  Currently these will be offered either through the eBay auction process or directly from this website through PayPal purchasing, first come first served.

Please send me an email if you'd like to be notified: 

~ Jon Sherman

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