The Eagle Spirit Dancers

North American Indian Culture and Traditions
Through Stories, Songs and Dances

The Hale family, under the direction of Benjamin Hale, presents authentic North American Indian culture through song, dance and story from the regions of the Northwest, Southwest, and Great Plains tribes of North America.
Director: Ben HaleDance is an integral part of Native American life, and a means of expression and perception of self for the Hale family. Ben Hale remarks, Our program reflects how our culture and traditions are passed on from generation to generation. All dancers have been dancing from the time they could walk. We are very proud of our heritage, and the way our parents have taught us.

The Hale family is a testament to the people before Columbus. The people who were not so much "discovered" as intruded upon.  Through song, dance and story the Hale family celebrates survival of over 500 years of injustice and attempted genocide of the original people and cultures of the North American continent

We have shared our wisdom, understanding & knowledge with many different kinds of gatherings;  Boy Scouts, important heads of states and countries, schools and museums.  Having and showing respect for all life upon this planet, and all of the universe, allows all living things to inhabit and survive in a harmonious balance, of which only our Creator has complete understanding. Our presentation is one that will remain with you, in a spiritual way, throughout your life.

Dance Descriptions

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