Coast Redwood branch flute
in F # minor pentatonic modes 1 & 4

click for sound sample of this flute:

Coast Redwood branch flute
Coast Redwood branch flute

Coast Redwood branch flute

Some of the bark has been left on this Coast Redwood unsplit branch flute and a few of the bark crevices have been inlaid
with crushed turquoise.  Elk lacing with turquoise nuggets and red horn-bone beads holds the bird to the nest. 
The flute measures 21 1/4"
in length and the branch was gathered from a grove of Coast Redwood trees
that grow in Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, California

Price includes tax and shipping cost,
a nice felt drawstring flute bag
amd a "How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet

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